By | September 30, 2018



Our media industry has gone through a drastic change. It used to take us weeks in order to design a stage to shoot a specific scene, even then you could see the room left for artistic expressions. Not to mention , it wouldn’t be very cost efficient either, especially when you have a tight budget to complete your project but the results are not the same you intended, and investing more on designing a stage doesn’t sound like a good choice from financial perspective.



Nowadays, that good-old stage designing is getting replaced by virtual studios. It is certain that you’ve already heard about virtual studios, as most TV studios now prefer to do their broadcasting in the virtual studios. It is a cost efficient method and gives better results, as opposed to manually designing a TV set, that’d require more time, money, and space. In the virtual studio, you can basically shoot different shows in the same room, even movies are usually made in virtual studios as well.


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