By | October 5, 2018



Internet has gone through a drastic change, now pretty much everything you buy from a conventional way can be bought from internet, just like how you buy your grocery from a grocery store; similarly, there are stores for pretty much everything on the internet. In order to locate those stores or pretty much everything on the internet, a specific address is assigned to them, and that address is called IP (Internet Protocol) address. If you are using internet from home, then a specific IP address is assigned to you by your ISP, in order to locate all your activity on the internet. You can find out your IP address by contacting your ISP or you can simply go to My-IP-is’ website and find it out by yourself. But why knowing your IP address is important? Well, for one, you can locate your exact geographical location, and your IP address is just like your mail box, all the data will be provided to your assigned IP address.


However, your IP address is not something that you could tattoo on your body. It can be easily changed by contacting your ISP or by simply turning on/off your WIFI router. Your IP address is not something you can take it with you on your device, such as when you go on a vacation, and then your assigned IP address will be of the internet you’re contact to. If you want to know your IP address for that location, then you can simply type my-IP-is on your search engine and then click on the first link.