Are you someone who always loves to be different? Well then, why should it be any different when it comes to clothing? BlkGlow brings to you Mens Futuristic Clothing for men who love to be unique in every way, even in their fashion statement. We are a modern age designer brand that believes in creating unique clothing styles for men who dare to be different and love being trendsetters.



All our collections, current and previous, have been designed keeping in mind the needs of modern men who love to create a trend themselves. All items in our collection are handcrafted by us and run only for a short time, guaranteeing that you always have a visual and fashion treat every time you plan to buy something from our store. Each item manifests the finest of wearable art that you can get out there – luxurious, superbly creative, and totally exclusive.

All our designs come with the guarantee of being the finest combination of organic fabric and vintage finds that make them a must-have for any fashion conscious man out there. All processes – fabric treatment, coloring, and printing are done manually at our own centers so that all items have the unique BlkGlow quality and touch.

Our superb creations and reasonable prices have made us a popular Israeli menswear brand and what’s best is that we deliver our items worldwide so that anyone who loves futuristic clothing can wear what’s suits them the best and be the trendsetter they have always wanted to be!