By | October 6, 2017

Every one of us is exposed to the possibility of catching lice at some point in our lives, despite keeping immaculate hygiene habits. Actually, most of us commonly associate lice with dirty living conditions and a whole lot of lack of hygiene, but, while unsanitary living conditions can certainly make lice more common, this does not mean that by keeping pristine hygienic habit we will be able to keep lice at bay. This has to do with the way head lice  can be transmitted from person to person, particularly children. All that is required is to come in close contact with someone already carrying lice, which can be head to head contact, as it often occurs in the playground, or by sharing an item of clothing, such as a baseball cap, a hat, a scarf or another similar item. Likewise, sharing combs or brushes can also help the spread of lice.



As you can see, many of these things that make it possible for lice to spread happen on a day to day basis across schools, playgrounds, summer camps, and anywhere else where groups of children congregate. But if your child is afflicted with lice, rest assured, that there is an easy and efficient way to get rid of lice with Lice Free Noggins, a discreet service dedicated to  quickly and effectively get rid of lice. Their especially formulated Lice Removal treatment is painless and guaranteed to work, so that you, your child, and the rest of your family can rest easy again.