By | August 16, 2018


Are you faced with constant bleeding problems post conceiving? Is your pregnancy taking an unusual course? Has there been a premature rupture of the membranes? In any of these conditions and several others, your doctor will suggest an abortion so as to avoid fatality. As such, you will be in need of a Klinik Aborsi where you can get an abortion. And in your best interest, this should be a registered and legal clinic like Raden Saleh Clinic which has been legally registered to perform abortions legally. At Raden Clinic they make sure to maintain the psychological health of the patient and all the doctors involved in this clinic follow the standard health service procedure.


In case you need an abortion, then it is advised to bring your family or your partner with you. But before coming to the clinic make sure to call them and have an appointment with the doctor. You will have the schedule of meeting. They mainly follow the vacuum suction method while abortion, which is one of the safest, practical and effective of the methods that can be used for abortion. But before the abortion act, the doctors will examine the patient using the USG so as to understand the condition of the pregnancy and the patient. They will make sure to examine the patient thoroughly so as to understand whether the patient has any other disease or not. In case there is any risk involved while going for the abortion, they will definitely consult with you before proceeding.