By | February 23, 2018

If your kids want to get into some off-roading adventures, there are a few different vehicle options available including Kids ATVs. These are a fantastic way to explore the countryside, getting your kids outside enjoying the fresh air and sights and sounds of nature while having a blast driving their own mini all terrain vehicle.



ATVs are also known as quad bike when they have four wheels, or trikes when they have three wheels. As miniaturised vehicles specially designed to cope with ups and downs of the natural landscape as well as rough tracks and trails they come in both gas powered and fully electric models. You can choose the vehicle best suited to your child’s age and ability, with lower powered and speed-limited models for the youngest kids. With four wheels there is no need to balance, and very little learning curve to mastering the controls, with minimal instruction most children will take to it straight away. They can even carry cargo or passengers if needed.



Although there are some safety considerations with Kids ATVs, the latest models are fitted with many safety features. Kids with respect of their vehicle, appreciation of their own limitations and the property safety clothing and headgear can ride with confidence.


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