By | March 11, 2018

One alternative to old-fashioned, clunky metal braces is the Invisalign® system which uses a series of clear, plastic retainers to carefully align and straighten your teeth in a comfortable fashion. Crooked or misaligned teeth can be transformed into a perfect smile without the pain, embarrassment and dietary restrictions that you might expect from metal wire braces. The Invisalign® aligners are mapped exactly to your teeth profile using 3D digital imaging and a computer model which carefully designs the exact movements and rotations that are needed. Every treatment plan and set of Invisalign® aligners is individualised to the patient. Depending on the degree of correction needed, anywhere from 6 to 30 sets of aligners will be used, and changed out every two to three weeks, each aligner making a micro-adjustment to gently straighten your smile. The aligners can be worn near continuously, they are virtually invisible so there is no need to feel self-conscious.


Unlike other types of braces that are permanently, or semi-permanently fixed to the teeth, they can be removed when eating and drinking, playing sports or for special occasions as needed. You can brush and floss your teeth normally too, and the aligners are easy to clean with a soft brush, just like you would an overnight retainer. Invisalign, clear aligners are suitable for most types of orthodontic concerns including crossbite, overbites, underbite, overcrowded teeth and gaps between teeth. Corpuz Family Dentistry is a preferred Invisalign Provider in Omaha, they also offer complimentary spa services to their patients!