By | November 12, 2018



For a lot of people having Fire Curtains wouldn’t be something on their list of priorities, however, if you are running a business with hundreds of employees of working under you, their safety becomes your priority. Having Fire Curtain would do wonders in a lot of ways, you can’t ignore the fact that bad things could happen to anyone, you have no control over, but what you should be prepared to tackle any problem that comes your way.



If you’re not familiar with the purpose of fire curtains, then you come to the right place. Fire Curtain, as the name suggests, are designed to prevent any damage from happening whenever there is a fire. Usually, fire curtains are made from the fiberglass material that can withstand immense amount of heat and smoke, but depending on the material, a good fire curtain can withstand up-to 600 degrees of heat. Traditionally, fire curtains are attached with the fire alarm, and sometimes they come with their own fire alarms, and whenever there is an event of fire, the curtains deploy immediately to provide safety.


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