By | August 18, 2018


These days the craze for fat bikes has increased a lot and as such you might need to carry it with your car whenever you go on a trip. Normally, you will see people have tied up their bikes at the back of the car while commuting, but that is not the way you should be doing this. To carry a fat bike safely in a car, you will have to have a bike stand or a rack, where you can keep your bike safe. These stands are known to be roof racks. If you search online for Fat Bike Roof Rack, you will get plenty of options like Rhode Gear Bike Rack, but before you buy any roof rack for your bike, make sure to know a bit about the rack types and understand the kind of rack you need for your bike.



The upright roof rack: these are mainly designed to fit any bike you want. In case you are planning to tag your bike along with the car, you can certainly use this rack on the car top to keep your bike safe. Fork Mounted Racks: these racks are a lot more stable, aerodynamic and look stylish. This rack is basically a roof mounted rail that holds the bike. Hitch racks: These types of racks are the most common and plenty of people use these on their car top. So, choose your style of the roof rack and get one from the local store. Make sure to check the product upon receiving and it should be fine.