By | October 30, 2018


Your health and well-being is really important in your life, you can’t achieve anything in your life, if you are mentally or physically inept to do such. This is why a lot of people consider going to therapies and get their life on track. However, there are certain problems that have different ways of treatment; migraine headaches and post-traumatic stress disorder are one of them. Myriads of people that are suffering from migraine headaches, PTSD, chronic fatigue syndrome, TMJ, and other related problems prefer to have the Craniosacral Therapy.


It is often referred to as CST and it is used to relieve compression in the bones of the head. If you are not familiar with Craniosacral Therapy then you come to the right place. A typical CST session last around one-to-two hours, in that time, the patient lies quietly with his/her eyes closed, and the practitioner uses his gentle finger pressure to make the light contact around the patient’s head, feet, knee, and torso. During the session, the patient is fully clothed and the practitioner shows no signs of forceful thrust, as they do in osteopathy.


When it comes to Craniosacral Therapy you need to make sure that you are getting the right treatment from the right place, you can’t expect it to work if your practitioner is novice or knows nothing about it. It all comes down to experience and positive feedback, and no one does it better than Doctor Alex Kaminsky, he is been working in this field for 20 years to provide best Craniosacral Therapy to his clients.