By | December 25, 2018


CDs have been in vogue for decades now and whether you are tech savvy or not, you must have surely come across various common uses of CDs. Whether that be for music and movie distribution, for easy education, or as a medium of effective promotion, CDs have retained their importance over the years. In fact, they have become a common item of use in the present times and their usage has vastly expanded.



As such, CD Manufacturing has progressed a lot. CDs that were initially plain discs that came wrapped in an ordinary case can now be customized and personalized to meet the needs of the customer. CD manufacturers like Pure Music Manufacturing make sure that the CD designs are perfect and totally comply with the designs that you have sent. Not only that, they also offer a variety of packaging options for the CDs which means that you can do away with the boring bubble or PVC wrapping. You can now customize your CD covers as well. You can get suggestions on the best choice as well.


CDs being still a very common mode of information distribution, manufacturers have developed two different ways to provide CDs in bulk. These are duplication and replication. That being said, CD replication is always considered a better choice than CD Duplication as all the units are of supreme quality which often doesn’t happen when the CDs are duplicated. As such, it is suggested that you always go for replication unless you want bulk copies at a very cheap cost.