By | March 21, 2019


Are you looking for a new car to lease or buy, but would rather not spend so much of your time going to dealers or searching through websites to find exactly what you are looking for? Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier if you could just see all your options in one place, and even customize or filter them and have an idea of what you wanted in mind before even going to the dealership?


A Car Leasing Canada website was created with that idea in mind. This website has teamed up with some of the best automotive service providers in Canada including Canada Drives, Carfax Canada and Unhaggle. You can use tools on the website like the car pricing calculator, lease explorer tool and car loan calculator. You can also look through deals for each month and find the cheapest car insurance in Canada. You can also search for deals and incentives specific to your area in the provinces of Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Hamilton, Mississauga, Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Saskatoon, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg.


LeaseCosts is the top car pricing calculator and market study website in the Canadian region. Because of this website, over 100,000 Canadians have saved over 900,000 hours of visiting car dealerships trying to decide on a new vehicle. This website will also help you calculate your interest rates and will alert you to price changes on vehicles you may be considering. If you are ready to save time looking for a vehicle to lease, check out this site today!